Feral (dacnomaniac) wrote in howlingweyrooc,

This ruthless man has managed to acquire unquestioned dominance of six Holds -- Howling Night Hold, Balar Hold, Irost Hold, Greening Hold, and Starratiel Hold. He will probably not take a seventh so easily, as his neighbors have now raised soldiery and armed against him. Those on the East, not at immediate risk of invasion, tend to pooh-pooh the chance that he would start a true war of acquisition, not when he already has six Holds. Surely that will satiate him.

Those whose borders march with his are not so sanguine.

This man is a tyrant. He is our version of Fax, quite literally. And we have no Lessa, no F'lar. What will happen to Pern, with this man in control of so much of it? What should the Weyrs do -- if anything?

That question must be answered somehow, for he rules Howling Weyr's traditional protectorate. They are obligated to Search within his Holds, despite being most unwelcome there. Incidents have already occurred, but nothing disastrous. G'jira prays that continues to be so...
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