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To help you out, I've provided the sheet of a mod's character as an example of how to fill out an application. If you don't feel you need the example, scroll past for a blank application. When your application is complete, e-mail it to oc dot delve at gmail dot com.

Name: V'hess
Age/Sex: 33/female
Power: Minor empathy
Rank/Position: Wingsecond, White Wing

Description: V'hess is a tall, sleekly muscled person, with an athletic frame worn spare by years of riding a fighting dragon. She has dirty blond hair she keeps pulled back in a tail, short enough to tuck under a flying helmet, and bright hazel eyes that dominate her narrow, pointed face. Out of the saddle, she prefers simple, practical clothing in grays and earth tones, though she has a few pieces of simple silver jewelry set with turquoise and malachite stashed away for Gathers, Hatchings, and other important occasions.

Personality: This silver rider is a keen observer. Very little that happens in V'hess's vicinity goes unnoticed. She has a flair for picking out people's motivations and seeing through imperfect poker faces, though it's more intent alertness than true power. She does have some of that, but not a lot by Weyr standards. She and Qlissth act as "beta wolf" for their Wingleaders, circling the whole Wing to watch for laxness, show-boating, and other lapses of discipline. Many riders think she's a tough bitch, but it's not always seen as a bad thing. Her strength and obvious competence in the air have long since earnt her place in the Wing, and woe betide any new transfer who questions her abilities.

History: V'hess was born Varihess. She is the daughter of the previous Headwoman of Howling Weyr, long since deceased, and her weyrmate, a black rider. She spent her childhood on the go, a certified tomboy. She especially liked foot races and other tests of athletic ability. Her empathic talent was noticed fairly early on, though no one remarked upon it. It was simply noted by the adults, and when she was 15, her mother informed her that she had been chosen to stand as a Candidate. She stood, nervous but confident, and though she was one of the last Candidates standing, silver Qlissth made a bee-line for her as soon as he broke shell.

Though she got into more than her fair share of trouble as a weyrling, including the consequences of a couple of pranks gone awry, her native talent and determination to protect her home saw her through training, and she was one of the first to graduate. That same energy and drive served her well in the Wings, and after being transferred a few times, she was promoted to Wingsecond of White Wing and serves admirably there still.

Wealth: Not significant. She has a small stash of marks for emergencies, a few items of nice, but relatively inexpensive, jewelry, and one nice outfit for special occasions. She is good at growing cannabis, and does so on her Weyr ledge as a hobby. The proceeds from this hobby are enough to give her a small amount of personal spending money, but as cannabis is not contraband on Pern, the revenue isn't high. (It's used as a medicine and an intoxicant for holidays and other special occasions.)

Gear: Her riding gear is self-made and in good repair. In addition to a standard-issue belt knife, she has a larger fighting knife and a long skinning blade she carries at all times. She also owns a guitar, although she doesn't play well or often. It's just something to do on long winter nights when any entertainment is welcome.


Name: Qlissth
Color: Silver
Age: 18
Description: Qlissth is a large, powerful silver, pushing the upper size limit for his color. His hide is a rich gunmetal hue, marbled with subtle blue and purple hints. A profusion of silver freckles adorn his chest and belly.
Personality: When he works, he works. And when he rests, he *rests*. He isn't a lazy dragon; it's more that whatever he does, he does to the absolute fullest. He is a lightning-fast, rapid-thinking competitor in mating flights and the Spring Games. When he and V'hess are working as Wingseconds, he, like his rider, misses absolutely nothing. No transgression escapes his roving eye or his sensitive ear-plates.

Pet (Lizard)

Name: Ember
Color: Bronze
Age: 3
Description: Perhaps the tiniest bronze lizard ever hatched, he resembles a half-grown chick at three Turns of age. He is a bright, fiery metallic chestnut color, and is quite delicately built for a bronze.
Personality: Squirrelly. He likes to chatter and is quick with a scold. He has even been known to throw small objects at people or animals which upset him.

Pet (Weyr Cat)

Name: V'hess calls her "Little Squirt"
Age: 5
Description: A small female cat with shaggy black fur, not quite long but not short either. A small white patch on her chest is the only fur she has that isn't black. She is very small, weighing only nine pounds, and her tail is about one-third as long as is normal.
Personality: Capricious, even by cat standards. She will snuggle and purr in V'hess's lap, but slash at anyone else who tries to pet her at the same time. Yet if V'hess isn't present, then she may be perfectly sweet to a visitor. Or she may hiss, put her hackles up, and flee. No one, even V'hess, can find this cat when she doesn't want to be found. Nevermind the limited hiding places in her mountainside aerie, still the cat disappears at will. V'hess suspects she's found some old hidden tunnel-snake passage to other weyrs and uses it.




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